​​​​Life Insurance

Life Insurance

What is it? Just like it sounds, this is insurance that pays on your death.   You can buy permanent or term insurance.   Term insurance means that you can get your price guaranteed for a period of time – typically 10-20 years although there are others.  All term insurance is not equal – some people are offered this from their bank when they get some debt there – but it is a good idea to talk to a professional to get the right kind, the right amount at the right price!

Do I need it?  Depends.   If you are married, have debts, have children, and/or have a charity you like to support. you may need some.

How much to get?  This gets a bit tricky.   We do an insurance needs analysis to see how much makes sense and then factor in price.   The younger you are the cheaper it is so we sometimes get it early while your are insurable to lock in the coverage.

I use life insurance both as a way to cover costs and obligations upon death, but also as a way to save for the future.  This isn’t for everyone so a complete understanding of your situation and goals is very important!

How do I get it?

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